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Any template suggestions that can be used across the org from I&D, Product, Distribution, Content, Marketing (Social, Email) and Wholesale

Welcome to the Forum @Lorena_Victoria :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

Please have a look at our Project templates gallery:

Our pre-made Templates can help you to get started by setting up a variety of workflows that you can then customize according to you team’s needs.

You can learn how to use these Asana Templates in the following link:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Thank you Natalia. We have seen and worked with loads of templates but they don’t work for our exact needs. As a forum manager and community expert can you connect me with someone who does product roll-outs from the ID stage all the way throough

Sorry for the delay in responding @Lorena_Victoria

I’m pinging other members of the Forum to see if any of them could assist you with this: @lpb @Mark_Hudson @Jason_Woods @Phil_Seeman @Bastien_Siebman @Stephanie_Oberg @Katie_Reynolds

@Lorena_Victoria, Templates are at best a simple example or starting point as you’ve discovered. In order to learn how best to deploy Asana for your needs, I’d recommend a consult with an expert; you can find us all at or




The first step - and it’s a big one - is to do the brainstorming and analysis as to what you want to accomplish with Asana relative to this topic. It should include: who and how many are the users (the ones who do Asana transactions), who is the audience (who looks at views and reports), what is the scope, what other data sources will be integrated and how, typical update frequency (20-50 times per day vs. once per week), and how finegrained you want to be. These answers will be specific to your environment and goals. It may make sense to start with the simplest, least-detailed version you can get value from, and then develop organically as you get buy-in. Good luck!