Simultaneously filtering by project and assignee

Hi all,

It appears that Asana API doesn’t allow to access tasks that are BOTH in a specific project AND assigned to a specific person. So cannot filter by both these categories at the same time (assignee and project). Is that right?

This is very annoying when it comes to integrations. Two examples:

  1. I want to integrate Asana with Todoist using zapier. I would like tasks that are assigned to me in a specific Asana project to be added to a corresponding project in my personal Todoist. This is impossible - I can either add all tasks in a given Asana project, regardless of who they’re assigned to, or I can add all Asana tasks assigned to me, regardless of which project they belong to.

  2. When using Hourstack with Asana, when I want to access my Asana tasks, I can either filter by assignee (in which case I will only see my tasks, but across all projects), or I can filter by project (in which case I will see only tasks in a given project, but including those assigned to other people). Again, I can’t filter by both these things at the same time.

Does anyone have any solutions here? As it stands, I think this is a huge limitation.


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Hi @Mateusz_Wronski - I’m going to take the liberty of moving your question into the API category, since it sounds like you’re requesting a solution specific to the Asana API. Let me know if you’d prefer to move this back to the integrations category.
cc @Bastien_Siebman @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage

Hey @Mateusz_Wronski, sorry to hear you are having issues with those integrations. We hope to add more granular filtering options to the API in the future.

It is possible to get the information that you want, however, it requires some filtering to be done by the integrations. Asana did not create the Zapier or Hourstack integrations, so it would be up to them to add your desired features. Sorry I could not be more helpful. You may want to reach out to Zapier and Hourstack to see if they want to add more filtering options to their integrations.