Possibility for filtering unassigned tasks and subtasks

Hello, I have tried to filtr tasks and subtasks with this API endpoint with parameters project + assignee + modified_since. It works perfectly, but there should be a possibity to filter also tasks which are not assigneed to anybody accourding to the documentation, where is written: “assignee.any = null can be specified”. But I have tried this and it does not work, it returns the same error “Must specify exactly one of project, tag, section, user task list, or assignee + workspace”. When I have tried “assignee=null” then I get “assignee: Object cannot be null”. So what is the soulution for this usecase? Thank you so much for response. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jan_Buďa , welcome to the forum.

If you want to use the “assignee.any=null” parameter, you are using the wrong endpoint.

You should use it instead:

This is a sample of a query we do in our app to retrieve tasks without assignee:

There is no official pagination when using the “search” endpoint.
You should sort by created_at, and if you have 100 results in your response, you can query the next page by using created_at.before=(older last date of previous page).


Thank you so much @Frederic_Malenfant this helps apriori for custom filtering tasks with subtasks.

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