Simple todo list

How do I export a simple todo list? Should be obvious. Should be simple. All I want is a list of “my tasks” sorted by whatever I need (usually date). Shouldn’t require brain damage to do something so simple. It appears, however, that this requires data manipulation via 3rd party apps that can manipulate CSV files. That can’t be the answer. That would be silly.

Please advise.

When on My Tasks, you should be able to export your list via CSV, and sort by whatever you’d like once you open the list in Excel.

Does that work?

Does that solve your issue, or did I perhaps misunderstand what you’re looking for?

I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be silly or tone deaf on the issue, but it’s not exactly clear to me what the ideal outcome for you is. When you say you want a “to do list”, what does that mean?

Are you saying that you want to be able to print out a digital task list (via My Tasks) into a paper one?