Simple task total report


Good Afternoon,

So sorry to ask such a basic question but I’m struggling to find a screen or report that shows a count of tasks (open and / or closed) by assignee and also by project.

I just want to be able to see a quick snapshot of the number of tasks outstanding.

How would I find this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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This isn’t ideal but you could do the following:

  1. Search for all tasks assigned to a person.
  2. When creating your search, you can specify whether to include completed tasks or not.
  3. Then, select all the tasks by clicking on the top task, holding shift and then clicking on the bottom task.
  4. The task pane on the right will then tell you how many tasks have been selected.

Hope this helps!


@paulminors, Advanced Search is a great way to go. I’d add that you can sort that Advanced Search by Project, so you could see how many of the Tasks in the result were in each Project.

@john.macpherson, you can also enable a setting that allows you to see Task row numbers on the left hand side of the view. I have that turned on for just that reason – a quick way to see how many Tasks are in a section or Project! Under My Profile Settings, in the Display tab, you can enable that. Hope that helps!