Sign up to test out a redesigned Quick Add for tasks



We’ve been working on new designs and ideas for quickly adding a task for the Asana web app and would love your feedback. If you use the Quick Add (+) button to create new tasks (see image below) and you’re willing to try this on in your own Asana, please sign up here!

If there’s a match, we will send you further instructions via email. Thank you!

Christa - User Experience Researcher


I’m sure some of our @Forum_Champion will be interested in testing! I bet @Caisha and @Sebastian_Paasch will be excited about this in particular.


Hi @Christa,

Sounds great, I would love to try out an improved quick add button and I could also give you some feedback from other Asana users who gave me feedback.

I just signed up at your link.

@Alexis Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day


Count me in @Alexis & @Christa


Great! Please be sure to sign up using the link in the first post :slight_smile: