🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign

Just to clarify, you can all sign up HERE.

Because we’ve recently opened up early access to a larger cohort of user, it’s not possible to book time to share your feedback directly with our team - but you can share your feedback both in-product (a “share feedback” button will appear in the top right corner of your screen once you’re enrolled in the test) or via this form.

I hope this clears up any confusion, but please let me know below if you have additional questions!

Hi @Marie, thanks for the clarification.

I still don’t have access to the beta so I can’t provide any feedback. Maybe me and my team we didn’t qualify to the Beta?


Thanks for this opportunity!

I am a bit surprised that you have the option to apply Early Access to “Everyone on my Asana account (recommended)”. Are also non-admins allowed to do this?

I really wish I qualify to test this view for sure!
Until then, I’ll wait patiently :slight_smile:


Hi @Marie , my ‘Send feedback’ link is in the bottom left, next to ‘ALPHA’.
Looks great by the way :wink:

:bulb: Note to all testers, you can opt-out and go back to the current version of Asana at any time, by toggling the relevant switch in your My Settings>Hacks: Navigation Tests (Early Access)


This is looking AMAZING!! The project flyout is very nice!!

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Hey @Marie any update on the asana redesign early access?

Can you please give me access? Make someone happy this holidays! :blush:

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Hello @anon500068, I would recommend reaching to our team as outlined here so they can help you figure this out :slight_smile:

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@Marie is there a target release date for these updates?

@Marie - I’m wanting to prep to help my clients get accustomed to the new interface when it’s ready. Do we know a rough ETA on this rollout?

One of the organizations (Basic) I manage has just updated today to the new interface. It’s not a big deal for that one because of the way it’s utilized, but I’m now rather nervous about when this update will hit another larger organization (Premium) that relies on projects being grouped by team in the sidebar for ease of navigation & identification. Seeing all the projects grouped together may be counter-productive and a bit overwhelming. From what I can tell, the only way to see the projects by team is to go first to the Team overview page, adding an extra step. It also appears that the projects can’t be reorganized/resorted in the sidebar other than Top or Recent. I would appreciate any tips or insight for making this an easier transition.

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Hi @Rebecca_Koehler , welcome to the forum :wave:
You can have a look at a new topic I recently posted which may help you and your team get ready for the transition here, especially regarding the new Projects section and the changes to the Teams section:
✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

There is also more information and a useful video in @Marie 's original announcement post here:
Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

Thank you! Those were very helpful and just the info I was trying to find.

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I signed up to be an early tester back in December, but afaict there have been no updates since. Also according to the release notes for Feb 2023 the latest version is 2.7.23, but I have v1.12.0. I cannot figure out how to force an update. :confused:

I just realised that the release notes don’t say the latest version is 2.7.23. That is the date they were written (in US date format). :roll_eyes:

Original question still stands. :slight_smile:

Hi @anon43307914,

It sounds like you’re referring to the desktop app? I could be wrong but I doubt the new sidebar redesign is available in the desktop app yet. Asana usually makes changes to the web app first, and the desktop app later.

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@Bryan_TeamKickstart We will be running another couple of tests for the next month or so. I will update this thread once the feature is fully rolled out!

Be very happy to test from an academic-environment use case. :muscle: :grinning: :+1:

Hello folks,

I’m closing this thread since this early access is now closed. We’re gradually rolling out this new redesign. You can follow updates on 🔬 Sign up for early access to our next redesign - #7 by Marie :slight_smile: