Sicological Healt, Keep "done task" by 24 hours



Hi, some time ago I was hable to make a custom view in “My Task”, possibly because a testing feature.
In this view I was able to keep my “Done task” by 24 hours (or 1 day, don’t remember) and get auto-wipped later…

This help me a lot to show my self my daily advance

Saddly this feature is not longer available, but It’s still working until I change my default view, I guess.
I want to replicate in others workspaces



Hi @Carlos_Sulz

I’ve never seen this feature myself, but there are a few ways to view this information:

  • You could click on the ‘Recently completed tasks’ report, and filter by assignee.

  • You could create your own advanced search report for tasks completed by you in the last 24 hours.

  • Have a look at your calendar for all tasks completed in the previous day

Hope that helps!


Hi Mark
I don’t remember how I done this, because it was som time ago.
But I’m pretty sure it was on config’s view where there was more choices

Now I have this 4 example

and tomorrow, the completed one will disappear (automatically)