Automatically archive completed tasks after X days

Jira has a function for board view to hide completed tasks after 30 days. I think asana should add that feature.

My team uses a board to track the ongoing tasks we are working on. So, we use the board view to see what’s “to do,” “in progress,” or “complete.” The problem is that the “complete” section never clears out. So, we have super old tasks just living on the board. I don’t want to delete them for two reasons. First of all, I want to track of all the tasks we did, even if they are old and secondly, I don’t want to do that manual work.

So, I recommend that asana create a similar feature to jira where my board can automatically hide tasks (would actually prefer adding them to an “archive” section automatically) after a configurable time period.

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Hi @Alli_Rubin & thanks for this feedback;

I would suggest an Admin to move your topic to the Product Feedback category, where forum members can vote for your suggestion.

@Emily_Roman If you agree, please could you do it (as somehow, I can’t :slight_smile: )


I moved it.