showing milestone in other projects along with its dependencies

I am looking to add milesstone in other project and would like to be able to automatically include all the dependencies of that milestone into the other project.
Is it possible to do this?

thank you.

Welcome, @Jimmy_Pandra,

You can do this with multi-homing–adding a task to other project(s) and is described here:

You can do this with Milestone-type tasks too.

The dependencies will appear within the task detail (blocked by/blocking) or in list view if you toggle on the Dependencies column.


thank you Larry for the explanation.
I am actually able to see all the dependencies in the “detail” section of the milestone. However, what I am looking for is to see the actual task to show up in the “timeline view, sorted as assignee”

At this time, I can show the dependencies in the timeline view, but I need to manually add each of the task to show up another project.
if there are 30 dependencies under the milestone, then I would need to manually adjust 30 task. this becomes a lot of work to do manually.

I hope that make sense.

thank you

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