Show sign of completed task in Connected work links

I love how Asana handles internal hyperlinks and the new Connected work links feature! :unicorn:

In descriptions and comments, all over Asana, there is an excellent feature where a hyperlink to an internal asana URL shows if the linked task is completed by adding a checkmark “✓” before the task name.

This is a simple, clean, and easy-to-understand feature I would love to have when Asana creates “Connected work links”.

The current solution is inconsistent with all other hyperlinks to internal tasks from the story of a task.

Please add the checkmark “✓” before the task name of Connected work links, so we can see if the task is completed here as well, and make the user experience more consistent.

Thanks. :pray:


Good point, this small change would really upgrade the user experience for everyone who uses Asana on our team.