Show Goal - Project link in Portfolio view

My team has a portfolio called “Marketing Priorities” with a ranked list of projects we’re working on according to their priority. We tie our projects to our Goals / OKRs and that’s important in our prioritization.

You can link projects to a Goal under the “References” section. But you cannot currently see that connection when in the Portfolios view. What my team has had to do is create a Custom Field with options for which Objective the project supports. But this requires double manual work and it’s easy to forget to make the connection.

Since the Project and Goal are already connected, it would be fantastic to visualize this in a column in the Portfolio view.

Welcome, @Christian_Schoning,

Until/if Asana adds a column (my opinion is they may not because it’s too much info to fit in a column), were you aware this information is one click away?

For any project row in the portfolio, click either on the Status column cell or the Task Progress/Milestone column cell. That will display a large, scrolling popup. Scroll down and on the right side you’ll see Goals supported by this project with the info you’re looking for:

You can further click a goal to navigate to it to see more detail, then browse backward to return.

Hope that helps,


Hi Larry, thanks for that! I didn’t realize it was one click away. Good to know.

Still, that one click gets in the way of being able to see the bigger picture in one glance, which I appreciate about the Portfolio view. FWIW the custom field we have also gets cut off too, so spacing wouldn’t be much different with a dynamic link in the Portfolio view itself, in my opinion.


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