Show ALL details on Portfolio Export to PDF

I am so excited about this feature! We have long awaited an export of Portfolios (note: only available for Enterprise and Enterprise + tiers) that was visual instead of simply a CSV file.

However, I have a few comments/requests for future consideration:

  1. It is not ALL the details of the status report :disappointed_relieved: The most recent status report, if too long, simply includes a “See more details” link that takes you back to Asana. The whole purpose of this export is to provide something outside of Asana. As we all know, there are some teammates (unfortunately) that simply won’t go into Asana… Being able to provide a report in this way is invaluable for many.

  1. An export of all the details without the Status Update post would also be very interesting and useful. Managers / Supervisors / Owners may be interested in the custom fields showing on the Portfolio but not necessarily all the text of a status update. Could we have the option to remove the Status Update post, and only show the List view version?
  2. Export of each view would of course also be amazing (Timeline, Dashboard) :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much Asana team for all the improvements you make each month!


An export is mostly useless if partial :frowning: