Should I use Workspaces or Organisation?

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If I setup an organization under, is it possible to:

  1. Have someone with an outside (not our domain) email be an admin at the organization level?
  2. Can we add outside emails (not our domain) to teams within our organization?
  3. Can people have multiple email addresses attached to their account? (inside and outside domains)

For context: One of our owners uses his icloud account…it’s tied to everything he does, but he does have an email under - it’s just not realistic for him to be using that as his primary asana account email.

or @Marie ?

Hi @Jared_Navarre and thanks for the mention!

  1. Only full members can become Admin, Guest can’t, so that’s not possible.
  2. Yes, you can add Guests to your Team following these steps: How to Complete Task Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide. You can learn more about Guests (= users with an outside (not our domain) email) here: Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide
  3. Yes! Here is how you can add other email addresses to your Asana account: How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps Jared! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

I should point out, you could probably have the company IT team set up an address and have it forward to someone outside. Then you could have that outside person manage things. This of course leads to potential security implications, so discuss with the company IT, particularly if using Active Directory integrated logins.

Thanks for the read, it gave some insights, im in the same situation as @Marty_Potter, im part of a church IT team and before i joined, they already chose for the organizational method.

we have a staff team of 15 people, and a ton of volunteers. We do have a domain and connected that.

When we created a staff related team, we ended up with 1 or 2 outside of the group, as the teams are limited to 15 users. for this team im not to sad about it, we’ll manage, but for teams with larger volunteers groups, is the limitation of 15 still in play, or do guests/limited access members dont count against that number?

This completely determines if we need to find out other solutions on getting staff and volunteers in teams or if its ok.

last questions, there is no way to crossfix or see all tasks assigned to you from workspace and organizations? because that would be the alternative, having staff members manager their other workspace with volunteers and check off tasks when the workspace tasks are done.

Our workforce fluctuates alot, so i like the idea of a team where everyone is in to make sure you @mention and assign, but it falls apart when theirs a cap on users in that team.

thanks for the advise!

@henkjan If you have a church domain your biggest issue will be free or paid for edition of Asana. You can get into a 5 member premium package for I believe $375 per year. In an organization no guest uses up a member slot. The limitation you talk about is for the free edition and anybody using your domain whether having your domain address or not will be counted against the 15 maximum. I have set up a church and am very familiar with the issue. I find the cost to have a paid version of Asana well worth the phenomenal networking of volunteers you can have in an organization with unlimited guests. I would also say, if you are trying to cut cost while not ideal, just eliminate domain users that you know will not use Asana to minimize your seats. This is not the way it is suppose to work in a fully collaborating organization but unfortunately you find some people cost more for a member seat than they use the product. But if it catches on like it could you can find a way to fit it into the budget. Talk to one of your church members or volunteers how important using collaborative software could be to the ministry and maybe they will underwrite the cost. That is how my church got started using it.


Thanks @James_Carl that is indeed an option. I could create just a few in the paid licenses and have either staff use a different domain and add all the generic volunteers

Good idea… ill test it over the weekend.