Best Way to Set Asana Up for Us: Workspace or Organizations?



I have a digital agency. As such only I (or perhaps one or more people) will have an email with our domain

But, we work with two, distinct outside companies. Both those companies have employees that work on projects with me.

I am completely confused with Organizations, Workspaces and Teams.

I will be working with each of these outside groups on projects. I want to keep them separate so that one group does not see the other groups’ projects.

So do I set up each of these outside groups as a Workspace or an Organization?

Then… do I make the outside members - people with individual email addresses part of a team?

Thanks for any help with this. Much appreciated.

Noobie set-up question re Workspace vs. Organization

I default to suggesting Organizations as their is more hierarchy with Teams. In addition, if you have a premium subscription, non-domain emails do not take up a member seat. Not sure why anybody would use a Workspace other than a personal version of Asana (which I have) in addition to my paid organization.