Sharing updates with non-Asana users

We have deployed Asana Business for our Digital Marketing team. We work on requests with all parts of our business.

Is there a way to add non-Asana licensed users with the same domain e-mail addresses?

We have shared a colaboration calendar and use the multi-home function to duplicate important tasks into this calendar.

I’m still finding it cumbersome to keep non-Asana users up to speed with project status.

Is there a way to add non-Asana licensed users (with the same e-mail domain) as a collaborator, just so that they get a status update on the work as it is being discussed and completed?

A lot of our requests come from our sales team, and it isn’t in the current budget to get everyone in our orgination in the Asana tool.


Hi @Jason_Bedford,

I’m afraid there’s no way in Asana to do what you’re requesting.

You could do a (somewhat risky and perhaps ethically questionable) workaround of paying for just one single extra seat and use a generic login and share credentials for it. Or maybe one per department for a bit more accountability.

If you didn’t have the requirement for using the same domain, it’s easy; use a or any other domain, in fact, and it’s free–but that creates a Guest not a Member user.

Hope that helps,



If you are on the Business plan, you can create a sharable link to the project and distribute that to whoever you feel needs it. There are some limits - they won’t see custom fields, they cannot “do” anything in the project, and cannot see dashboards or overviews - but they will get the gist of what is complete, incomplete, who is assigned to what, due dates, etc. See below for location!

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And when shared:

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