Sharing forms between projects


Once I’ve created a form in a project, I’d like to be able to use it in other projects. Is there a way to copy forms over from one project to another, or to create a form template which I can import into any project? Obviously, the alternative is what I’ve been doing up to now, i.e., manually creating the (identical) form in as many projects as I need, which is extremely tedious and inefficient.


Hi @antonio_f
afaik it’s not possible to just copy the form

You can duplicate a Project, and choose to duplicate the projects forms as well.
You can then choose to turn the duplicated project into project-template and use that whenever u make a new project

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Thanks @_josh.

Unfortunately, I need to use the form in existing projects, often ones created by other people, but that template might come in handy for new projects that I create.

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Hey @antonio_f

Just a thought…

What if you make one form for everything?

• If the form is identical in all projects → first field determines the project to which it is assigned (which triggers a rule and automatically adds it to the intended project)
• If you need different input for the different projects make a field that splits the form to show the desired fields

Very interesting @_josh, thanks for the suggestion, which I’ll look into. My hunch is that rules (beyond a few simple built-in ones) are only available with Business plans or higher, and we are on the Premium plan :frowning:

Currently the rules available for a premium plan are:

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It will be nice to have such a feature - to create forms templates to insert into existing projects