More Rules for Premium

All the automatic assignee options are behind this paywall. It makes the form almost useless for some of my projects and the adoption by my team more difficult, as I have to require more “work about work” from them, which was not the promise behind going into Asana.

I tried really hard to get my company to try Asana and to do so we went with the premium plan, and it was already difficult to accept from my boss to pay, we are a small company.

To get my colleagues on board, it’s also quite frustrating to ask them to “check the project for new tasks and then assign them to whoever and then move them to the correct section” when I could automate all this with actions and forms features that are behind the paywall.

Imo, the automatically assign a collaborator and/or a field in the form to choose who will be assigned to the task should be in the premium plan. It would help so much with the adoption of the product…

Right now I feel like I’m fighting everyday with my team to use Asana and not just Slate.

Sorry, I had to vent :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Giyomu, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

At this time, the custom Rule builder is available to Business and Enterprise users only. There is a subset of Rules available to Premium user, however. Check these out below:

  • Move to column/section > Mark complete
  • Mark complete > Move to column/section
  • Custom Field changed > Move to column/section
  • Move to column/section > Set Custom Field
  • Custom Field changed > Mark Complete
  • Mark Complete > Set Custom Field

I’ll keep you updated if any additional Rules are added for Premium users :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion @Giyomu.
I hear this frustration a lot from some clients of mine, but I must say, after explaining the other features included in the Business plan, they usually upgrade to have access to the rules and to all the other features as well. That would be my first option. If this is not an option, try Flowsana or Zapier or some of the other automation integrations,


Hi is the the rule: Task added to this project → Add subtasks - available to premium users?

I agree, this is totaly unpleasant - Rules that are available on Premium almost useless for my use case. Most of rules I need is in Business plan, and price difference is huge (for whole company).
From my perspective - Rules feature in Premium plan looks like trial. This limitation is ridiculous. ClickUp made this more progressive.

That rule is Business/Enterprise only (or you can use our Flowsana integration :slight_smile: ).

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The trigger I have for Premium is “task marked as complete”. The Action I have is “Mark task complete/incomplete”…

I’m sorry but is this a joke? Every other competitor has more than this useless 1-2 trigger/action. I also could not find a reliable source to compare the available workflow rules for Premium vs Business. And after upgrading to Premium, I learn that the single trigger and single action is utterly useless on its own.

And to think you have to use Flowsana or Zapier otherwise. the Premium feature advertises “Automated Workflows”, but really it should say “one useless trigger + one useless action”

I would really just like to voice my opinion on the rules available to Premium users and I hope we can round up some votes to give us access to more with our paid plans.

As a solo business just starting out, ASANA is going to be great for me but I am really disappointed in the lack of rules available on the Premium plan. I shouldn’t be forced to upgrade to a Business Plan (and pay at least 4x the monthly fee) in order to have rules available that are related to internal/native workings of the platform (in this regard I am referring only to rules that assist with such functionality as, for example, assigning someone else when a task is moved to another section, etc.). I am not referring to rules that are linked to third-party apps/platforms.

For paid users, I would really like to see rules that are for “native” Asana actions available to people on Paid plans. No matter the paid plan nor amount of users on the paid plan.

Currently, the rules that Asana mentions as “Recommended”, “Agile” and “Routing” rules (visible when selecting to create a rule) would be the ones that should honestly be available on ANY paid plan.

We should have more options than just “the date is coming up” or a “task is complete so move it here”. I can fully understand rules regarding third-party apps being an additional charge and available under the “Business” and “Enterprise” plans, but there should be more available to any paid user when it comes to this kind of functionality within the platform.

Please add more rules and options for us to create our own rules within Asana for actions that are limited to Asana’s native features available within our paid plans (so for example rules related to Goals would be available to those on the Business plan, rules related to Tasks moving around and being assigned would be available to folks on ANY paid plan…etc.). This should not depend on our team size or paid subscription level. There should just be more for paid users, logically.

Please vote folks!


Make sure you vote for your suggestion…


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Yes done, new to these forms. I think I’ve got it sorted :slight_smile: Let’s hope we get some traction on this.

Hi there,

after testing Asana I purchased the PREMIUM tier for myself to organize my work better (unfortunately, my company is not paying for this).

What I found utterly confusing is the differentiation with regards to rules: I think this is a very powerful feature. Unfortunately I now found out that I am limited to some prebaked rules, that do not fit my custom workflow. That is underwhelming, I just invested 300 $ to have a great tool for self organization and now one of the best features is limited to an unusable extend.

Could you please check, if you could move the whole Rules-Experience to the Premium tier? If not, please adjust the marketing wording that clearly states that “rules” are a part of premium?? (I know that it is explained in detail in the guide, but I got mislead in the first place).

Thank you and kind regards from Germany


HI @Felix_Mai

That is a bit confusing for others as well. It would be nice if Asana could offer x-number of custom rules for Premium. (like 1-2 per project)

The reason for the cost is that Rules take a huge impact on server resources. Having to always evaluate every action taken on every task, then if triggered, take additional action.

But I agree and this was a :slightly_frowning_face: for me before I upgraded personally to Business.


Hi @Felix_Mai and thanks for your feedback. We already have a thread on this topic → More Rules for Premium so I’m merging your post with this existing thread to gather all feedback in one place!

I agree with others in this thread. I purchased premium for rules and forms and the marketing about rules did not indicate this extreme limitation on rules. Very disappointing.


Is it true that you can’t assign the rule to a section with Premium!! Good grief!


So, task complete, send message to MS Teams channel is a Business-only level rule?

I would echo this. I felt very disappointed when we were using the trial, then signed up for premium before the trial was set to expire only to find out even basic rules were removed from our forms. I would go so far as to say that the pricing chart on the website is misleading. I fully anticipated losing our branching and custom rules, but there’s nothing in this presentation that suggests to me “your simple as can be rule to assign a task that is moved to a section will be deleted”.

It should at least say “limited selection of rules” and then “full set of rules”.

I like Asana as a tool, but like others in the thread, I work at a small company where 1) we don’t have a big budget, and 2) people are skeptical of the value of project management software to begin with. For this to not be included really isn’t helping the business case to stay subscribers for the long haul.

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I should have highlighted the rules check and not the forms check, but I think people understand the point.

i have the exact same experiance, 1 rule, makes no sense, after paying, we now plan to cancel subcripstion for this reason, this needs to be more clearly specified

Fortunately, the summary in Premium at Asana Pricing | Personal, Starter, Advanced, & Enterprise plans • Asana is now more transparent:

  • Automated workflows

    Workflow Builder with limited pre-set rules, forms, custom templates, and advanced integrations

Just wanted to clarify that.


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