Forms are now available to Premium users! 📩

Happy Friday everyone :wave:t3:

I have some exciting news: Basic Forms* will now be available to Premium customers! Asana Forms help standardize your work request process. With Basic Forms, you can easily track and manage requests in one place, so that work doesn’t fall through the cracks! You can learn more about Forms in this blog article as well as in our guide.

As usual, we’re rolling out this update progressively (it available to 25% of our users starting today), so don’t worry if you can’t see it just yet, it will be available to everyone very soon!

And as always, feel free to post your questions and comments below.

Have a great weekend! :grinning:

*Please note that the auto-assign feature will remain only available to Business users


This is amazing! Thank you so much. This will definitely help our team with our workflows. I’m so excited to no longer have to create Flows within Microsoft to have their forms automatically sent to Asana :heart_eyes:.


This is much love feature and now available to premium users! So happy to hear about this Marie!


Is the auto assign feature the only feature not available to premium users?

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Yes @Seth_Giammanco, but note that while Business users can make there own combinations of trigger+action, Premium users can only use pre-defined ones (I’ve listed them in my first post at the top of this thread!).

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Is there support for auto generated ID (Number, Names, etc) everytime the form is submitted? This, combined with rules I think have lots of potential and I might consider to cut down zapier’s integration in the future


Hi @Leonarce, not at the moment, but it sounds like a good opportunity for future improvements.

Hi Marie - This is great news and something that was needed for the Premium Customer!

Its made my day :slight_smile:


I completely missed that announcement! Awesome :heart:

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Love it - thanks, Asana! Now we can get rid of Wufoo!