Share view only access of Board project with external users

Hi all,

Wondering if it is possible to link a project from Asana that when clicked, non members can see a view only version of the tasks?

I am using Asana for tracking and managing platform development and features. It’s been brilliant. We took Asana on for strictly project management but I’m finding it a lot better to use than existing tools we had, especially around devops.

Only problem I have at the moment is I can’t really show my bugs and features to the business, without going through painstaking manual exercises.

I know other platforms have this feature, just wondering is it somewhere in Asana that I havn’t seen or havn’t found?

For a bit more context, below is an example of the platform Feature project I use to track. I use a board view, with three lanes to track features that are new, in prog and completed.

Would be great if I could just put a link out there, that when clicked any user in our business could just see the lanes and the cards.

Hi @DanOConnor, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to share a View only access of an Asana Board with external users that don’t have Asana accounts.

We already have a thread requesting this feature in List view: View only access to projects/tasks for clients so I’ve gone ahead and move your post to the #productfeedback catgeory and updated the title to make it more specific to Board view.

We hope to share exciting news about this topic soon! :slight_smile: Stay tune and Follow our Announcements category to keep up to date with what’s new in Asana! 📨