Share a "Read Only" version of Project

I want to give people in our company a list of what we are currently working on but in a read only format. We don’t want people to have to sign in or buy more seats. This is strictly for people to view their status.
This is available on Trello. Does Asana have a similar feature?

Hi John!

If you click on the arrow to the right of your Project Name a drop down menu should appear. From there select “Export/Print” and you will see different options to create a “read only” version of that project: image

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@John_Bernardo, Perhaps Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) might help:


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Thank you but i was looking for a live version that people can visit without prompt.

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Hi John,

You may create a duplicate of the project then set it or even set the exact project wherein the members can just leave comments. You may edit it in the ‘Share’ option of the project. It’s not necessarily a ‘read-only’ version, but at least they cannot edit anything in the project. I have attached an image for your reference.

I hope this helps.


You might consider using a third-party tool like Unito to maintain a read-only sync’ed copy of the project. I tried this using a new version of their service that I believe is being released soon and it seemed to work well.

This sounds great! What did you link unito to? We need an option for customers that is in real time but not in our Asana organization.

Ah, well I linked two Asana projects together - the idea being one would be the “real” version maintained by the project team, and another would be a read-only version made accessible to external stakeholders (thinking that they could be guest users and so would not take up paid user slots). Could that work for your use case?