Setting tasks to repeat with no due date, and using periodically for repeat tasks


I was wondering if it was possible to have a task that has no due date, but once it is marked as complete, it then pops back up again as an outstanding task with no due date.

The reason I ask is because I am setting up tasks that get completed every so often, however when is totally random and they do not have any due date, or regular frequency.

I almost want it as a placeholder for my employees to see it is there, update the fields when they complete it, and then have it pop back up again so I don’t lose the placeholder for it without having to recreate the task.

A second question just because I found an old post on it which didn’t have any resolution. When setting a task to repeat “periodically”, there is only up to 30 days to choose from. This differs from creating a task to repeat every week, month, or year. If my due date is 8/1/23, and I set it to repeat monthly, and I complete the task on 7/28/23, the next due date is 9/1/23.
Using “periodically” and 30 days after completion, this same task would be set to repeat 30 days after the 7/28/23 completion, so 8/28/23.
My question here is why are we maxed out to set “periodically” at 30, it should go to 365 days to encompass a full year.


@Scott_Leible I’m not entirely sure I understand your use case - a task that gets completed only to be marked incomplete again? Or do you mean to create a copy of the task when the “original” one is completed?

Have you considered using a rule? If it’s the former, I imagine the condition would be when a task is completed → set the completion status to incomplete. If you want a copy, you can set the action to → create task, and that becomes your new “copy”.


This is helpful and on the right track, but not sure if its the solution.

So say I have (3) tasks. Task 1 and 2 are set at every 3 months.
Task 3 has no due date, but it is what id say a placeholder for that task. Meaning whenever it does get done, they would complete it, but I want a new one to pop up as a placeholder for it. Basically so they don’t have to recreate this task next time they go to do it, whenever that may be. If that makes sense?

Can I set that rule up for individual tasks?

You could put it in its own section (labeled ‘Repeating Tasks’ or some such) and put thr rule on the section


If you’re on Business or Enterprise, you could create a “Needs placeholder” single-select custom field with a single :heavy_check_mark: value and a rule with two triggers: Marked complete and Needs placeholder is :heavy_check_mark: with an action to create the new task.

Hope that helps,


Thank you, I will try that on Monday.

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