setting recurring dates for biennial tasks

Hello, I am trying to set up tasks for future (recurring until told otherwise) and some aren’t due up for renewal for a year or more. For example, I need do to something on May 1, 2022, but won’t need to again until 2024. Is this something that might be available in the future ? Or a hidden trick that I could learn now? Thanks!

Welcome, @Nancy_View,

I’m not sure if Asana might add this (probably unlikely is my guess).

The only recourse for now is to make a task like your example an annually recurring one with the next due date on 5/1, but leave a reminder notation on it like [Next: 2024], then either update the date to 2024 on 5/1, or mark it complete and also mark 5/1/23 complete at that time too. Or don’t use a recurring task. I know this is not ideal, but it’s all that’s possible really, and not so bad for annual tasks!

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that may be what we need to do for now. … thank you!

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