6 months recurring task

Can you:

  1. Make “6-months” a permanent option in Due Date/Set to repeat? We have some tasks need to be revisited every six month.

  2. When a repeat task “Mark complete”, can you just update the due date and keep the task as the same task, instead of creating a new task? At least make this an option in Setting.

Thank you.

Hey @Daniel_Wang1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Regarding 1) thus won‘t work for you?

  • If you want a task to repeat bi-annually, set the task to repeat Monthly and select to repeat every 6 months

Regarding point 2 did you ever consider using rules to amend due dates and mark tasks s incomplete?

Otherwise why not adding a tag or description so you are reminded to just amend the due date every day when you attended?

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Never mind then,
For point 1, a “semi-annually” and “quarterly” would only save me 2 clicks for each task.
And point 2, I could just manually change the due date to a future day, 3-5 more clicks each time.

For point 2 whether marking a task complete (1 click) or amending the due date (1 click) I do not see a difference in terms of time it takes? Unless I am missing something?

Otherwise as per above if you create a rule in this project you only have to set up the rule ones and it will run automatically.

Here is how the rule works:

mark tasks as incomplete

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Thanks for the information did you get your issue solved i am getting confusion and my problem is not solve.

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