How to remove due date for recurring tasks?

How to remove due date for recurring tasks? Like, if I have an infinitely recurring task, I will not have a due date. Yet Asana seems not to have the option to NOT set a due date, or remove it, once set.

Hi @ABan, Asana Recurring dates work little different from Outlook or Google Calendar for example. In Asana, you need to COMPLETE task and only after that new one will be created. So that Due Date kind of works like “next occurrence date”.

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Thanks, @kshengelia! Just wonder why Asana implemented this so un-intuitively. Also, as I couldn’t find a mention of this in Asana’s Support documents.

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Hi. I have every task in a project set to recur annually. When I complete a task this year, is there a way to dim the next year’s task so it’s easier to see what remains to be done this year?