Setting a Project 'Type' / Tagging at the Project Level



Our projects are grouped into different types. For example, we do several large trade shows each year. I’d like each trade show to be it’s own project but would like to be able to tag the project as a trade show.

Another example - we work on different types of announcements that we send out to our dealer base. The announcements have enough work to them that they should be their own project but each project should be classified as a ‘dealer announcement’.

I see that you can easily tag things at the TASK level but that’s annoying to tag every task within a project. I want the PROJECT itself to be tagged, grouped or classified as a particular type or project so that I can search for those types of projects easily.

Can this be done?



What has worked for us is to create a “timeline” task and place it at the top of the project. The task date range aligns with the project target date (start/due). Then that task contains the custom field (or tag–or both) and we use a report to find all of the tagged/labeled projects.

Additionally, we have created a “Timeline” project containing all of the timeline tasks—which is used mainly for Instagannt. It is a bit more overhead but we feel what we get in return is worth it.