💡 How to tag a project


There is currently no tag at the project level. But you might still want to tag a project, and a couple of workarounds are available depending on what you are trying to achieve:

  1. include a keyword in the project name
  2. include a keyword in the project description
  3. add a custom field at the portfolio level
  4. keep a list of Asana projects represented as tasks within a “master project” and tag the project there

Any other ideas to tag project? From what I know, tags on project is not on the roadmap so let’s get creative!

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This is great. I also use custom emojis to help find projects quicker as well!


Such a great idea!! I’ve just created a tag for :frog: (my daily frog task)! :smiley:


We almost always use options 1 and 4:

  1. we prefix this task (which is actually more of a fact sheet) with the a special character or an emoji followed by the client’s acronym so as not to treat it as a task
  2. it allows us to :
  • benefit indirectly from tags but above all from a lot of custom fields
  • multi-home this task in several super-projects to follow its progress among the others (we do not have the portfolio in my version)
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Hi there,

I was wondering: the solution 4 is a solution that will replace the portfolio, am I right? In that solution, keeping a project of master project is double entry since you have to create the project and as well as creating a task?

Thanks in advance for the answer!


@Molie_Lamonde yes this is the workaround to get portfolios when you only have Premium and unless you automate with custom code, that is a bit of manual work indeed.