Please add tags at the project level!

Help! We are really hoping adding tags at the project level. We have tried MANY workarounds.

We have upgraded to portfolios to get around the fact that you cant add tags at the project level, but it is not a great solution. We are thinking of going back to our old workaround where we add a task at the top of the project thats called “project description” where we add the tag we want so so we can find all projects that are going on in a certain category.

In our case we use if for our different types aka categories of product development we want to track. I.e “Spec” product development vs other type of product development. Then we add all product development projects of a certain category into a portfolio. We have a “SPEC” Product Dev portfolio a “CUSTOM” Product Dev portfolio etc… Portfolios have built in timelines. The problem with that is we are constantly having to move projects in and out of portfolios with is not quick or easy. I would LOVE to be able to just tag a project!!!

We also want to add more than one tag for example what customer the project is for so we can also search projects by customer to see all the projects they have going on.

Also would love to hear others experiences and workarounds!