Set Due Date from Form entry

+100 on this. The form feature is a good idea and I’d love to use it however without auto Due Date, it is just too painful to use as we have to manually map the dates for every single request.


Also needed. On a side note, third parties such as Jotform should not be out performing you on your own product. I can map a Jotform to the due date and allow for multiple attachments. I can’t do these things in Asana. If you are going to offer native features please ensure the feature lives up to what third parties are doing for you.

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Can someone from Asana confirm that this is in the roadmap?

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Hi @Doug_Palmer and welcome to the forum,

Asana doesn’t publicly comment on their roadmap or upcoming features. There’s a lot more information here about their roadmap, user feedback, etc.:


I was hoping that there would be an option in the new Rules feature to add the due date from a field in the Form, but alas it’s not an option in there yet either.

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@Tiffany_Bowser, @Wil_A, @Jay_Park, @April_Pruitt, @NoraRoxie

Hi all,

FYI I’ve just introduced Forms Support into Flowsana - it now lets you set a due date for every form submission - you can base it off of a field in the form, or the form’s submission date - and you can add or subtract a number-of-days offset from the above date as well.

See this forum post for more info:

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Hi Vanessa! Any news about setting Start/End Dates directly in the “Forms”? :wink:

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I’ve noticed this issue as well, as I can select a due date as a field of entry on the form, but that due date does not translate to the task, it just shows up in the description which isn’t super helpful.

Hi @kantoloco, this is on our radar, but we don’t have any timeframe to share yet. Our developers often check the feature requests here in the Forum. :slight_smile:


I can’t get this to work, not sure if I am doing something wrong. I have created the form in Asana with a date field. Then using Flowsana I have mapped that date field to the due date, but when tested nothing happens, the task is created as normal but no due date is assigned. Any pointers?

Hi @Nicola_Tierney!

At the moment, I don’t see any workflows set up in Flowsana under your user account (unless I’m looking at the wrong account).

Rather than taking up bandwidth in the Asana forum for Flowsana-specific support, the best thing would be if you can try setting up a Forms Support workflow using these instructions, and then if you still have issues, shoot an email to Thanks!

Basically, Forms is useless if you are not an avid inbox user (I am not). So basically a task can be assigned with a form and it will go entirely unnoticed by the team. Requested tasks will then miss any deadlines that were communicated.

According to the number of replies here, this feature isn’t just desperately needed by the users of Asana, but it’s required to make this functionality even make sense.


Connecting a “due date” field in the form, to the actual task due date seems like it would be one of the first things developed when form integration was conceived, as a new Admin I’m shocked it’s not already there! Any update would be much appreciated, thanks


@Vanessa_N this is a huge showstopper for us in moving to Asana… we are in the sales stage… what is the potential of this start, end or due date options for forms?

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Agreed. Should be step 1 when designing Forms.

We cannot use Forms until Due Date via Forms is available.

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Yes! Please add this!

+1! I would love to have Due Date set into the form so we can prioritize our tasks.

I was actually trying to do exactly what numerous people here were trying to do and found this conversation. Connecting the due date submitted in the form directly to the due date field of the task it creates. That would be a very powerful feature.

It really would be a power feature, any update this @Vanessa_N?

Hi @claire5, we don’t have anything to share yet, but we’ll be sure to post any future updates here in the Forum.