Set default No. of days when adding to timeline



Hoping someone might already know the answer to this question. I was looking for an easy way to add simple deadline dates to the tasks in a project - not start and finish - just finish.

I know I can click on each task and add the date, but that gets a bit tedious when doing it for a number of tasks so I have been using the timeline view to add dates. Problem is, although it’s a great way of moving things about and adding the dates, it also gets tedious as it seems that the default is to set every task as a 5 day task, which then means having to adjust the time-frame every single time.

Am I missing something? Is there any easy way of moving a task from the unscheduled list into just one date in the timeline view?


@James_Carl @Phil_Seeman anything possible with your tools?


@Bastien_Siebman @Ruth_Newnham As I read Ruth’s post I think she is talking more at the individual task level, While Sendana Date does allow blank due dates to be filled in, it is more of a bulk all tasks processing tool.


I’m afraid there’s nothing currently in Flowsana that would help out in Ruth’s scenario.