Is it possible to change 'one day' visualization at the timeline?

Hi, i’m having a little trouble to adjust the visualization of the ‘one day duration’ tasks. I basically want to see those tasks like the default for ‘2+ days duration’ tasks.


Can anybody help me?

Thank you for your attention and time.
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@romeucmn, this is the standard view for any tasks that don’t extend beyond a day because you aren’t able to zoom in beyond a week from the timeline view. However, you will see that tasks appear as you would prefer from the calendar view.

I see.

Actually, i’m currently using the timeline view for better following the taks of each one of my team. The single line feature helps me visualize the whole planning, instead of the chalendar view, that looks more like a chart.

And that’s where those ‘one day tasks visualization’, as they do not fill the entire space of the day with the respective color, ends up confusing me.

I believe I may need to get used to it, haha.
Thanks for the answer.

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I was incorrect in stating that you can only zoom in to show weeks. I forgot there was also a day setting. Either way, tasks that only have a due date (not start date) don’t show a block of time like the rest. BTW because there aren’t currently start times in Asana, a task that has matching start and due dates will update to only show a due date.

That said, the task appears the way you would prefer when you hover over it from within the timeline. Did you notice that? Given such, you might have a good case for a visual change. I changed this post to be within the #productfeedback category so you and others can upvote this recommendation.

I’m sure timeline is a much better view for your workflow. I only mentioned Calendar because from that view you will see tasks have the same visualization regardless of whether there is a start date or not.


Yes, i noticed the ‘hover’ feature in the tasks visualization and i loved. That’s exactly the visualization that i wanted by default (or a option that i can switch between).

And i am very appreciated that you consider this a good case for a possible visual change.

Thank you for your attention.
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