Can the timeline view be seen in hours rather than days


My team have tasks that last minutes/hours rather than days.
We would like to use the timeline view to track the work, analyse dependencies and see if any tasks can be done concurrently.

Is there a way to see the lineline view in hours? Minutes would be great as well.
At the moment I can only see it in days.



No, sorry, at present the Timeline view can only be displayed in days.


Thanks for jumping in @Phil_Seeman! Moving this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow @Kenneth_Chu and other Forum users to vote for this request; hope that’s ok!

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I’d really like to have this feature as well. Seeing that it’s been an year since it was approached.


Yes this feature will be helpful to manage the dependencies more precisely, sometimes indeed the tasks take few hours and there is dependencies between team members. this feature is much anticipated.

Thank you Asana team for the work you do. :rose:


one more upvote. our main use-case is to manage a team of people working together on the 50-60 tasks that need to be done THAT DAY. so being able to track and view by 15 min increments would be very helpful.

doesn’t seem that hard to add an hour by hour view… easy for me to say.

Any update on a potential time for this to be deployed? Thank you.

This would be useful for us also and is something ClickUp offers.

Asana’s current implementation flags things as having a dependency issue when in reality there are not dependency issues because something that’s worked on from say 0800-1200 does not conflict with something occurring from 1300-1700.

Is it possible to see a day or two days in timeline view?

I can of course select day view (but this shows a group of days), so I guess I want an hour view or similar.


That’s not possible at the moment @Iain_Howell but we already have a thread on this topic (Can the timeline view be seen in hours rather than days - #4 by Denis_Sooma) so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this thread!

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Came to the forum to submit an idea for hour view breakdown on timeline of a project, but see it’s already here.

In the specific scenario I came across this today, I am using Asana to capture tasks and activties to manage a Diaster Recovery test taking place on one of our core systems. The test will take place over one day, and Asana has been great allowing me to easily make tasks, dependancies and clear ownership.

When I saw the ability to add a due time/start time, was weird to not be able to see that in the timeline view also. It’s not a massive issue, but it would have been nice for me to provide that Timeline view to stakeholders as part of the communications I’ve sent on the plan.

Excel and in some cases Project still are the go to platforms/tools in our Org for the management of tasks as part of a daylong activity or project, such as DR tests or failovers, or GoLive cutovers.
Majority of the teams much prefer Asana, and it’s really the only glaring omission I can see, is Timeline not showing the hourly breakdown on a day, if you zoom in enough.

It’s in no way a blocker or anything, we still plan to use Asana for the DR scenario in question. Would just have been added functionality and improved user experienced to be able to show stakeholders that Gantt style view to see how the tasks related and timeframes, and to monitor it that way as I oversee the actual coordination of the event.

For now I’ll just be using the list view and have guided the task owners on the day to simply mark their tasks complete, and to wait for dependancy tasks to be done before beginning theirs. As some of the team involved won’t be starting their tasks until certain times, it would have been nice for them to see a timeline view and how its progressing so they can kinda see the time at which they need to get prep’d, where as now they need to be checking in frequently, and I’ll likely have to setup those monotonous checkin calls every hour :smiley:

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I am an event manager and have been a devout Asana user for years! Love the product and I recommend it all the time. One of my favorite features is the timeline feature which makes managing multiple complex timelines, deadlines, and goals a cinch!

One feature that would be a huge game changer for my team and the events industry would be to be able to have a deatiled visual timeline of processes by the minute/hour as opposed to by the day. For all of our events we run by a ROS *(Run Of Show) document that usually lives in a spreadsheet and is an outline of EVERYTHING that is happening & needs to happen during a live event, and when. It usually reads out like- Start/End time - Task/Item - Who - Details i.e. 8AM -10AM - truck delivery - John Smith - make sure load in is done by 10 AM and items are dropped in Zone A. If there were some way to use the timeine feature as a Run of Show, breaking out every ROS item into a timeline task/milestone it would be HUGE.

Would love to find out if there is some way to do something like that and if it might be possible to add to the roadmap.

Huge Fan! Thanks for such a great product!

-Chris Hartnett


I second this! Would love to see this for our events.

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Hi @Chris_Hartnett, @Dan_Franks, Welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback! This is a popular request in the Forum and we do have an existing thread in the #productfeedback category for this request.

To keep all feedback consolidated, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this!

I’ll loop back in on this thread should we have any updates! :slight_smile:

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No progress?
This, it seems kills asana out of the gate?

I am auditing project management platforms and this is, dare I say, fundamental to sequencing what to do in a morning?

Question: Is this, in fact, being developed? Or is this only languishing in a feedback puddle? Please do follow up right away.

Stunned, actually…

You must be new here @Ian_Sears :wave:. This is where we all come to languish in our years-old requests.

Hi all, I’m excited to let you know that you can now zoom into hours on Timeline! This update will unlock the ability to see Start and Due Times on Tasks on Timeline.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this update, I’d be happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face: