Scheduling a Timeline without specific dates but a range of assigned days..


I am creating a Packaging Creation and Ordering Schedule for our product. We need to create a timeline to follow whenever creating new packaging. In this scenario, specific dates are not necessary. However, quantities of days must be assigned to each task in the schedule. Do you have a timeline like this that I can utilize that isn’t attached to specific dates but is assigned to a certain number of days required to complete?



Hi @Lauren_Petersen and welcome to the forum!

Asana does not possess this capability. You might want to take a look at my Flowsana integration which does. In its Dynamic Duration workflow type, you create a template in which you assign each task a duration (number of days, weeks, or months), and set up your task dependencies. Then you make new projects based on that template, and Flowsana sets and manages the task dates for the project based on those durations and your dependency structure.

Hi @Lauren_Petersen and welcome to the forum!

To add another potential work around to @Phil_Seeman suggestion, you could use the start date and due date to designate your number of days in the template and adjust accordingly when you copy the template. If you have premium you can now set the start date of the project and the tasks dates will autoshift.

Depending on your needs you can also use task tags or custom fields to denote how many days need to be assigned to a specific task if things vary widely between projects.