Set data retention rules for compliance purposes?

Hi community,

Does anyone have advice for how to keep record of everything that happens in Asana for archival purposes?

For example, let’s say that there is a regulatory requirement to retain all communications related to various projects for 7+ years. How do we ensure that employees don’t delete comments/tasks/projects, etc…?


Unless I missed an Enterprise feature, you can’t. The only way would be to do backups regularly… @ambforumleader any idea?

This line of questioning is one my larger concerns with Asana and led me to look for external backup solutions. I am not as concerned with Asana servers going down as they use industry grade policies, redundancy, etc to manage infrastructure so are likely more than capable of bringing all data back up and running globally for an organization. I am more concerned with internal mishaps and the need for granularity to restore (or rollback) say a given project, task, etc. I have been researching a few vendors that are also listed among these forums like ProBackup, FluentPro, and Rewind. Rewind appears to be a bit more institutional quality (SOC2 Type 1/2 certified, HIPAA, etc) but doesn’t quite have Asana rolled out yet but they mention it is in the works for an integration. Have not made a decision yet.