Set assignees and seat problems

Hello Asana community,

With a free plan I could assign up to 15 people to a project without a problem (that how I understood it), but our company wants to have additional functions for gannt-charts etc.

So we bought the premium package with the minimum number of 2 seats, which resulted in the problem that we can only assign two of our co-workers. Since they are in the same domain, they take up a seat. Adding more will make a banner show:“You are over the limit…”.

Now we only need one or two person in our company that handle Asana and project management, but it is important, that we assign the responsible people via their work email. Using a different domain or private email would not work.

Do you have any solution? And what happened to the 15 members from the free plan?

Thank you very much in advance for reading my question.

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Welcome, @Flo_J,

As you’ve discovered, the free and paid plans have quite different makeups. The free plan allows 15 members regardless of domain name of email, but the paid plan operates differently and there’s no concept of 15 members. I’m afraid there’s no workaround (other than using non-domain emails to allow others as free Guests instead of paid Members), or returning to the free plan.

Hope that helps explain, at least,


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Thank you very much for your reply!

I was afraid that this would be the answer. For a small company with less than 15 co-workers and one project manager it wouldn’t be logical to pay for ~15 seats.

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@Flo_J I believe you misunderstood. If a company pays for Asana, they only pay for members in increment like 2-3-4-5-10-15. They don’t have to pay for 15 if they have less.


I think it was badly phrased on my side, sorry. What I meant to say was paying for each member I want to assign a task to, which means up to 15 in our case, since we are in a changing company setting.
Except that these assignee never get to see Asana again after registration.

I just don’t understand why Asana as a management tool requires basic assignee with company email to be a seat. Can’t they just have restricted access?

Let us say company A has a production plan in Asana with 10 steps for each worker (mechanic, truck driver, intern), then that would mean I need 10 seats to assign them these tasks, unless they use a private or off-domain email. Please correct me if I’m wrong here :grin:

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