Set a projects default view to "Files" (?)

Hi there.

I would like to create a 'project and favourite it on my board.
The goal is for it to be more of a a landing page with useful links to google drive docs for team mates to access quickly.

I created a project and then posted tasks which each had a google drive link.
When I click the “Files” section, it essentially looks like what I would like the ‘project’ to look like for team mates.

Is there a way that I can have the “Files” view as a projects default viewing mode so that when I click on the project it will automatically just show the “Files” section?


Alternatively, is there a better way to create a Landing Page of sorts that can house goto links for team members to access?

thanks again!

Interesting concept, never heard anyone with this need before. I recommend a simple list view, with a text custom field hosting the links → your members will be able to see more links on the same page and they’ll still be a click away.