Separate Workspaces for Clients?

For context, I operate an e-commerce channel management agency - mostly for managing other company’s Amazon accounts, etc.

I use different workspaces for different clients that I manage. They are able to login and assign me tasks, or I assign them tasks. They have their own unique projects. Then … I come into my own company workspace, and I re-create portions of those tasks, and delegate to my team.

The reason I don’t just have a single workspace with all of my clients as users is because I don’t want my clients to have visibility into my own company’s team members engagement.

For example:
One of my Amazon Seller clients wants me to add 3 new flavor variations to their candy on Amazon. The client creates a task in their workspace, and assigns this task to me.

I’m going to delegate that task to one of my offshore team members, but I never want my client to actually see that the task has been delegated. And I certainly don’t want the client to see the “back and forth” between myself and my employee as they are working to fulfill the task.

So, I open my own company workspace, and create a similar task, and assign it to one of my team members. Now, I can engage with my team without my client ever seeing it. Once the team completes the task in my workspace, I am able to go to the client workspace and mark the task they gave to me complete.

Is there a better way?


There are different strategies in Asana. See these and perhaps they offer some help:



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