Sending certain tasks into the my tasks area

Currently i’m the only person using the software, so no employees yet. I’m trying to get only the highest priority tasks to show up in my tasks. I prioritized all of the tasks in the project, low medium and high. So what is the best way to only get the high priority tasks to show up in my my tasks area?

Also, lets say that i do get them in there, how can i set dates for them and only have the ones due today show up?

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If and how you could do this, depends on what sort of Asana Plan you are on.

All tasks assigned to you will show up in your My Tasks view. You can use rules to move tasks around based on the due date,

Here is the guide article to reference.

How My Tasks works/background can be found here.



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Adding to what Jason mentioned, please note custom fields are currently only visible in projects but not in My Tasks. For example, if you added a priority custom field to a task assigned to you in a project, this field will be only visible in that project or when you open the task pane in My Tasks :slight_smile:

You can vote for this feature here: Custom Fields in My Tasks

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