Sendana Separation Bug

Anyone else getting the Sendana bug where the Sendana box appears separate from every Outlook window that opens? If so, is there an update or known fix? Makes the application unusable and we love Sendana! :frowning:

Hi @Alex_Neff! @James_Carl qhould be able to help :wink:

Had the same problem and @James_Carl has issued a fix and there is a new version you will need to download and install. I’ll let James direct you from here.


Yay! My users and I will be so happy. :slight_smile:

@Alex_Neff @Todd_Heflin is correct that it has been fixed and downloading the trial from will fix it. Of course uninstall your previous before installing you new. Now let me explain that in fact it was not caused by Sendana but Microsoft. Sendana is built on Microsoft’s Add-in developer software and they came out with a new version that wreaked havoc on many Microsoft Outlook Add-ins. We jumped on it right away and @EricLegault my developer fixed it immediately. If you don’t want to go to the website here is the link for the download. @Alex_Neff, thank you for your comment about “We love Sendana”, we work hard to create a great product and provide support.

Good to know! Darn Microsoft, always ruining something. :frowning:

Thank you for the quick response!! :slight_smile:

This fix has worked for my coworker and I! Thank you so much! Will be applying to some other end users as well.