Selecting an alternative file storage platform from the Outlook Integration

When using the Outlook Asana add-on does anyone know of any way to redirect file attachments to a different file storage platform (e.g Box) rather than Asana?

We have documents that are constantly being updated by a lot of collaborators so static file storage within Asana is not ideal.

The extra step of saving files to Box (or OneDrive) then putting that link into the task being created from Outlook means it’s not happening.

In this particular case, communication and tasks will continue to come in via email from clients.

Hi @Peta_Williams, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, when you create a task in Asana from the Outlook add-on and add an attachment, it will automatically attach the file in Asana. It’s currently not possible to upload the attachment and save it automatically in OneDrive. However, I think this could be very useful!

Thanks @Emily_Roman. I figured that was the case but thought it was worth asking.

Hi Emily,
Is it possible to build into or around the Asana+Outlook widget to add this functionality? Our development team could possibly develop this capability to solve the problem, but it would be difficult if the widget is closed code. Is it open source? Any suggestions here?

Hi @KieranC, thanks for reaching out! I recommend you asking this question in our Developers & API category #developersAPI and one of the Asana developers or forum members will be able to assist you further!

Thanks Emily, I added a thread over there!

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