See task swim lane change history

I’m looking to see the history of a task and when it transitioned between different board “swim lanes”. I see them as custom fields on the /tasks/:taskId request but I want to see when these custom fields where applied. I believe the field is called “section”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @Austin9,

The “history” that you mention is what Asana calls “Stories:”

You can learn more about them with that link and with searches in this API doc.

You may also want to see if the info there on “Events” and “Webhooks” could also be relevant to a solution for your needs.

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Perfect! Thank you! Is it possible to query for all tasks in a project and include their stories? I’m currently needing to loop through each task in a project to query their stories.

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@Austin9, I think that’s the case–the only way into a task’s stories is task-by-task–but I’ll defer to the experts including @Phil_Seeman for a definitive answer.

@Austin9 - yes, @lpb is correct, you have to retrieve stories for each task individually.

The only thing you might want to consider, if you haven’t yet, is to use the Batch API - you still have to do the same number of API calls, but it would make your retrieval process somewhat more efficient.

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