Security setups (Make public)

Hi, I have a new team who wants to join Asana but they are worried about the Make public button in a task. They will work on a special project that should not be seen by any other users. We created a hiden team for them and make sure the projects where private, but they notice the Make public button on tasks and I would like to know if there is a way to make sure it is not activated by someone.

Is there any setup to make a team, project or task never public?


There isn’t, but I think your situation is a good one to consider devoting a separate Workspace for this work based on how you describe it. You can read about Workspaces at and other places in the Guide.

The upside is security and walling off this work from everything else.

The downside is that My Tasks and Inbox are not shared between Workspaces/Organizations; each has their own. Also, Workspaces don’t have Teams (all Projects exist in the Workspace; no Team hierarchy exists) but I think that would be less of an issue in your case.

Maybe you should ask the moderators to move this to the all-access part of the Forum so others could benefit from the question and answers?

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