Best Practice for "ToDo"s

What is the recommended best practice for handling single action tasks unrelated to a Project? I am currently using Things 3 for individual work related tasks, which I really like, but it’s getting to be a pain to use both Things 3 and Asana. In Asana I have some individual tasks that are set for private.

Do you keep all your public non-project related tasks in Asana? And, it’s confusing for me to figure out what is public and private on a per task level.

We’re 7 person team.

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Personally, I use a private project called “Alex ToDo” if there are things that I know I need to do, but don’t necessarily want them in “My Tasks” yet.
If there are things I need to get done and want them on my task list, I just add them as a task directly to “My Tasks.” By default, all of these tasks are private to the user who created them. Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Red_Bricks,

What a great question for the Community! And great suggestions, @Alex_Neff!

From my end, a thread comes to mind that you might be interested in exploring.

Next, some specific suggestions! As you know, when you create a new task in My Tasks, it will automatically be set to private to you. However, if you’d like to create more transparency on your team, I recommend that you create a public project for the team’s miscellaneous work or that each team member creates a public project for miscellaneous work. For example, we could create a project called “X Team Misc. Work Tracking.” We could create sections for each person where they’re asked to add miscellaneous work that they’re doing, so everyone’s miscellaneous work is easy to follow. That way, when someone creates a task in My Tasks, all they do is use shortcut Tab+P to add the task to a project and from there just click the drop down next to the project name to select the proper section. The same thing goes for public work tracking projects for each individual, if the group is interested in a little bit more privacy.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions!

I am using some kind of Bucket System, check it out :wink:

Asana is great to host many different workflows, you just need to find your own :slight_smile:


@Alexis Thank you! What does this mean “The same thing goes for public work tracking projects for each individual, if the group is interested in a little bit more privacy.”

Also, how to make a public task, private to me? i.e. my task mistakenly created on “X Team Misc. Work Tracking” should have been private but now is stuck publically in X Team Misc. Work Tracking.

Hi @Red_Bricks - glad some of this is helpful!

By this I mean, you could create “Alex’s work tracking project” + “John’s work tracking project” + “Clara’s work tracking project” → In other words, you could create a public work tracking project for each person, rather than compiling tasks into a project for the whole team. It’s a bit redundant to My Tasks, but it will allow the individuals to show their core work to the rest of the team in the public project, while keeping private tasks private in My Tasks.

If you’d like a task to be private to its collaborators, I recommend that you put the task in a private project. If you need the task to also be in a public project, then multi-home the task into a public project.

This is very helpful!!

Does anyone else have this degree of transparency with their team in regards to sharing MISC tasks?

I also came from Things3. Here’s what I do to get similar functionality:

I use “My Tasks”, set filter to Incomplete Tasks, sort order should be “None”. When you set the sort to “none” it will automatically group things into “New Tasks” (Which is like the “inbox” in Things3), “Today”, “Upcoming” and “Later”. You can mark a task as “Today”, “Upcoming”, etc. using the blue dot next to each task, and doing so will automatically move the task to the proper area. Scheduled tasks are supposed to move up the chain as they approach the due date, eventually landing in “Today”.