Search text in Status Updates of Project/Portfolio/Goal


Is there a way to search text within a status update of a Project/Portfolio/Goal?
More accurately, search for keywords across all status updates within a project, or even multiple projects (goals of portfolios) at once.

I know I can manually open a specific status update and press CTRL+F to find a word, but this is a very week approach to the problem. I would need to manually open each and every past update and reinitiate the “find” function every time.

I have not found a feature for this within the advanced search panel.

A scenario for instance would be:
To find the project update that includes a meeting summery with the approval of an increase in budget for the project.
Keywords: Approved budget increase

What I imagine is that in the advanced search panel I would be able to select:

  • In these projects > status update > has these words

and optionally filters like:

  • Dates range
  • Author
  • Status is (On track/At Risk etc.)

The Asana status update feature in comparison to a simple email, or a simple Word document (combined with the search power of an operating system or a cloud storage platform), totally looses the fight when searching for information that is documented in the update. It does a great job with binding all the information together in one place and in relevance to the project, but that’s not enough.

I would love to hear that I am mistaken and there is a way to do this, and if not, I would love to see this feature implemented into the system.

Thank you,