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Is there a way to search (or view) all of the task updates for a given project? For example, if in a meeting we add some relevant notes (not subtask actions) how, at a later point in time, can we search to find those notes?


Yes, if you’re on paid plan you can use Advanced Search. With the Task Detail area closed, click the “…” overflow menu and choose Search this Project. In the Advanced search dialog, choose Add Filter > Dates > Modification Date and you’ll see this:

Enter a date range, for example, and the result tasks will appear and reverse chronological order of date modified.



Hi Larry, this doesn’t seem to enable me to search the content of “status updates” that I’ve posted against tasks or subtasks?

Are you asking about content found in Project Status Updates as described here:

Because in your initial post, you didn’t mention anything about “status updates” and in your second post you mention “status updates [. . .] I’ve posted against tasks” but Status Updates don’t apply Tasks, they only apply to Projects (or Portfolios).

If you’re really asking about searching Status Updates I think you should search to see if that’s been asked before in the Forum and, if not, add a request for that feature in #productfeedback.



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Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 1.05.16 pm
Larry, I’m not sure if I’ve got the terminology correct, but I’ve attached a screenshot of the Task status updates that I’m referring to.

If someone posts a question, answer or comment in these updates, how can we search that content at a later stage?

Hi, @Mark_Rheinlander ,

ASANA has three main areas you could work with.

  1. Tasks, which home in Project.
  2. Status Updates, which are complete STATUS of a Project.
  3. Conservations and / or Messages in Project, which are more of Discussion.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you could add and mention, any given TASKS (Mentioned in 1, Project Name, and or Person name) in Status Updates and Conversations / Messages.

You can SEARCH among TASKS and Conversations / Message.
You can’t SEARCH among STATUS Updates, since they are housed in a Project, and if you would like to see the status update, you could directly go to the Project> followed by Status Update and you can see update in Chorological order.

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So to make sure I understand what you’re saying: it is not possible to directly search the content of type (3) conversations and messages associated with a task.

A good use case to discuss would be as to why would you like to search among status updates ? . What’s the pressing need.

Your work can be cross referenced in status through using @mentioning the Tasks and @mentioning the Projects.

Do read this blog post Connecting your work | Product guide • Asana

You can search among

  1. Tasks, which home in Project.
  2. Conservations and / or Messages in Project, which are more of Discussion.

and you can’t search among

  1. Status Updates, which are complete STATUS of a Project.

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