Search for tagged subtasks within tasks under project section



I’m trying to create a report by searching for tagged subtasks within a task set within a project section. Is this possible?

For example:
Let’s say I have a “Project” with a “SectionHeader:” and a task under it called “MyTask”.
Inside MyTask I’ve created a list of items, each of which may or may not have a Tag applied.

What I want to do is to search using the “In Projects” parameters of
“In Project : Project | SectionHeader”
“Has tags : MyTag”
“Subtasks Only”

However, this yields no results. If I remove the “In Project” parameter, I’m able to find all my subtasks tags, but this will return all items tagged and not just those under the SectionHeader.

I hope that makes sense. Am I missing something?


Remove the Subtasks component of from your search…

Tasks that reside under a Section Header aren’t actual SubTasks… They are just Tasks… Sub Tasks are created specific under a Task screen shot below…

Task in Section but no SubTask

Task in Section this time SubTask

So in your search the only item that will appear in this scenario is “SubTask 1” as it is the only Sub Task.

Hope that helps…



I guess I wasn’t clear enough. A picture is worth 1000 words, so I’ve attached some snips for you to see here. I’ll step through this for a bit more clarity too…

Here a Project is set up with two Headers. Each of the Headers contains a task and each of those tasks contain sub-tasks:

Some of those sub-tasks, regardless of which task they are under, are tagged with the same tag for each:

If I search under MyProject > Header1 for all items tagged with MyTag, I get no results:

If I search under MyProject for all subtasks tagged with MyTag, I get ALL records with that tag returned. Interestingly the ‘conversations’ parameter is automatically added to the search filter:

And finally, if I search for all subtasks under MyProject > Header1 with MyTag, I again get no results:

So the question remains - How can I get only the subtasks that are tagged under a task within a header in a project?


@Riley_Grant thanks for extra info… Will have a muck around when I get to the office but my best guess is that it is due to the fact that Asana doesn’t treat Subtasks as part of the project. Similar to why they don’t appear in Timeline or Calendar unless you multihome the subtask in the project.




I see.

I think it might also be possible that there is a bug in the advanced filter of search that is automatically injecting the ‘conversations’ parameter into the search query… but that’s a total guess at a glance.

Regardless, thanks for you interest in the question - I’ll try to figure out another way to do what I want to do.


Okay not quite what I thought. It is the section parameter that is causing the problem… If you just have Project without the Section parameter it will find the Sub Task. However as soon as you add the section parameter it doesn’t…

@Marie - Should we class this as a Bug?



One thing is sure: a subtask is not part of the parent task project, this part is not a bug.


One of the many reasons I avoid subtasks whenever possible. I’m not a fan of their behaviour.


@Riley_Grant, Subtasks aren’t intuitive and can use significant improvement. One issue is that Subtasks don’t automatically belong to a Project. Vote here for this to be changed.

However, with the exception that search will find Subtasks in a Project. I don’t understand how this works since Subtasks don’t belong to the Project, and you found a hole, by searching in a Project Section.

If you want the Subtasks to explicitly belong to a Project or more specifically to a Project Section, you have to go to the Subtasks and manually add them (Tab-P) to the Project Section. If you do this, your search will work the way you want it to.