Display Tags for Section Headings

YOu can currently tag a section and search by that tag, but unlike with tasks, the tag is not displayed on a section heading. It would be helpful to have those tags display

I guess this is a design decision, maybe someone from Asana @Alexis or @Marie can help us understand?

I also suggest to have an option to select if by adding a tag to a section header makes all the section tasks have those tags too.
For example, let’s say you have a tag called “InProgress”. By tagging the header, the header itself and all related tasks will have that tag.

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I wholeheartedly second this suggestion! It would be so useful to have an option like: “tag all tasks in this section.”

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Having the ability to add tag at the section level, instead of task level will allow for section categorization, but also better visibility if the section is collapsed.

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I cannot figure out how to tag a section. Maybe they removed this feature. I so want it.
We have a “project” template which is really a task with these sections and subtasks:

  • Planning
    • Define requirements and deliverables
    • PDM requirement review and approval
    • Tech lead requirement review and approval
  • Requirements
  • Deliverables
  • Finishing
    • PDM end of project review
    • Tech lead end of project review

I would like to have the ability to tag each of the sections and any subtask that is under a section to be able to later search and find:

  • projects that are missing requirements
  • projects that haven’t been given approval
  • projects that have tasks without assignees
  • etc.

Yes, sections used to be regular tasks, they are not anymore.