Including Sections in a Tag search


Our organisation sometimes uses Sections as an “overarching” main task, where they have been tagged and custom fields added as if they were Tasks. I want to be able to search for Tags and then see a list of Tasks and “main” tasks (Sections) with these given Tags. Is there any way to do this, or a recommended workaround?

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This is a tricky one, @Carly_Dove as Sections will not show in Search results. You can search for the tasks within a section by selecting the section next to the Project name in the “In Projects” field (screenshot below, but the section headers themselves will not return in the search result.


Thanks Kaitie. So is my only solution if I need to search tags given to a section to get rid of them and make them Tasks? Or is there a creative workaround you know of?


What’s interesting is that sections seem to be deliberately excluded from Advanced Search. They don’t come up when you search for : in the text field, and they don’t even come up if you tag the section with a tag like “section” and then search for the tag. Sections usually act like regular tasks with a couple of exceptions, but in this case they seem to have been separated from other tags.


My team are very keen to see section headings in search results.
Clicking on a tag shows section headings - but doesn’t show custom fields.
Advanced search allows us to see tasks with custom fields shown - but without section headings.
If they could be allowed to show in search results it would be really helpful.
We use section headings to group tasks together - and it visually helps with a list view.
Usually our tasks are across multiple headings.


Looks like you can do this via search now. I add a tag to the section and then the results come up when I search for that tag. Posting for future reference for others. Then I just favorited that tag search and then I get my list of sections that are relevant (some aren’t) for higher level requirements.