Search constraints by team and templates or projects

Can a user constrain a search within either just projects or templates for a specific team?

Hi @Gerald_Garcia ,

You cannot do that in Asana, you can however take the opposite approach :slight_smile:

Ask yourself, which projects within that specific I do not want to be found by other teammates? Then make the projects private to only the people you want to access the information. Tasks that are only in private projects, will not be findable by people who don’t have access to them.

More on that here:


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That is a unique solution but not to my problem. Our team has multiple (approaching 100) project templates. The search result lists results by Tasks, Messages, and Projects. I need to find a specific Template" to use for a new project.

Going to the Team Overview page and manually scrolling through the list of Templates is less than ideal, and is a process that Asana should make searchable.

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