Search bar partially hidden by browser menu



Seems like something is wrong with the coding. The search bar is tucked at under the top of the webpage making it difficult to access.


Hi @Mariam! Could you send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Search results have a new look, that could be a bug coming from the update.

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This is what it looks like. I’ve tried reopening my browser.


That’s in Safari. It looks okay in chrome.


Hi @Mariam

Could you try the troubleshooting tips at the following link:

This does look like it is a browser issue that clearing your cache would help solve :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


I cleared my cache before I emailed you guys. Somehow it didn’t fix it :confused:


Wait… maybe I cleared cache for just Chrome.


Did that work for you @Mariam?


nope, still not working. :confused:


Sorry to hear you’re still running into this issue @Mariam
Since this is working for you in Chrome, I’m pretty confidant that the trouble you’re running into here is due to your browser. Did you try the other troubleshooting steps in the link to our guide that I provided earlier?

Speak soon!


Thanks @Mariam; I agree with @Michael_A, looks like we have a bug here! Do you mind sending me a screenshot of what you see when you log in via an incognito window so I can escalate the issue to our Development team?

I look forward to your reply!


Hi Marie,

I opened asana in an incognito window in Safari. I’ve taken a screenshot of the search function. Hope this is helpful!


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Mariam, I have filed a bug for our Development team and I’ll be in touch if I need more info, or as soon as I have an update.

One last thing, can you also confirm what version of Safari and what OS you’re using?


I am using Safari Version 10.1.2 (10603.3.8)


Thanks for the additional info! Could you also let me know what OS version you’re using? So sorry for all the back and forth and thank you so much for you cooperation @Mariam!



OS X Yosemite


Thank you so much! Our team is looking into this as we speak; I’ll keep you posted asap!


Hi @Mariam! This issue should now be fixed; can you confirm it is the case on your end?


Hi Marie,

Yes, looks good!